Capitalism and the Materialist Soul

Everybody knows that money isn’t the thing it is. “Money is just a piece of paper,” we say. The common belief of the history of money is that before paper or coin money, the standered currency was gold and other precious metals. Before that, we had, more-or-less, a barter economy – an apple would pay for two oranges for example. Once society gets overly complex, basic receprocity falls apart because everyone’s wants diffent things at different times. Therefore a common currency was established to acount for time and aninimony (a medium of exchange).

The soul of each individual works in a similar way. Just as the amount of money determines how much of a product, service, or standard of living we can obtain, the soul must obtain “life” to even be worthy to remain alive… symbolically. What else can the soul do without physical boundaries? How did the soul came to be? And how will it’s quest to become immortal affect actual life, biological or otherwise? In this blog, I will attempt to use contemporary thought to describe new possibilities of living in this exhaustive world of currency. I will use the influences of radical French theorists like Gillis Deleuze and Felix Guatarri as well as structuralist, post structuralism, and existential philosophies. I’ll use my training I received in the modern educational system of the United States, life experience, and solo-prenureship ventures to talk about physics, history, psychology, business, technology. I don’t want this blog to be “a book about a book” or “a book about other books” (which is what textbook actually are if you think about it), but rather, create a new physics, new society, and new psychology of possibility.

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