The Virgin Inferno

There was a man who desired to get laid
He died a virgin and wanted to go to Heaven.
God asked him want made him worthy to enter Heaven.
“I never married, therefore I never cheated. Nor have I cheated anyone”
But God looked into his heart and saw it was filled with lust.
God banished him to hell.

All the damned gathered to talk about their mischief.
Our hero listened as each man retold their days on earth.
He heard of fantastic love stories with beautiful lustful dramas.
Finally it was our hero’s turn to prove himself worthy.
“I uhhh… I’ve slept with so women… you know. Man, it was great.”
“How many?” They eagerly wanted to know.
“Pssshhh. I don’t remember… I lost count.”
They congratulated him and all parted for the day.

A train approached with infinite railcars.
The train is filled with endless loot for the thieves and robbers.
“Each punishment eternally rewards sinners respectively,” said an officiator of hell.
“The robbers will get exactly what they desire.”
Just then, the train whistled for the thieves to serve their punishment.
As the trained rolled out, thousands upon thousands shoved in and out of the train.
It had gold, silver, and precious metals that were so coveted it made souls mad.
That’s the last we heard of the robbers and the train.

“What is the punishment for the gluttons?” Asked the Virgin to a damned man.
“A banquet of epic portions! But souls do not get full, thus never satisfied.”
“And what about the liars?”
“They deceive at first but circumstances alter in a way that they always tell the truth.”
“And what about the lustful?” Asked our hero.
The man looked into his eyes, but didn’t say anything. He understood.
Why did I even bother to get into Heaven? Our hero thought to himself.
“But there’s a caveat.”

The hour came for the lustful and fornicators to serve.
The men were gathered at one side and the women at the other
As they faced each other, they were instructed that they will suffer an eternal orgy.
“Pleasure will intensify, orgasms will be never ending
but man will turn into women, and women will turn to man.”
Our virgin fell as asleep, then woke up and became a women.
Then, our heroine felt lustful desire for the opposite gender.
The orgy has begun.
She climbs the orgasmic mountain of bodies pressed upon bodies
that once were of the opposite gender.

As she is getting fucked by the men, bodily pleasure fills her body.
Everyone is moaning and screaming in intense, never ending orgasm.
A thought comes to her, an innocent little thought, but she doesn’t know what it is yet.
“The men are technically women, so I’m a gay women… which is okay.”
But this isn’t the thought that keeps bothering her.
Stronger and louder, it keeps coming back.
She can no longer ignore this awful thought.

As we leave our hero, or should I say, heroine,
bearly seen in between the pairs of legs, tights, torsos, waists, hands, and feet,
her complexion stays with me the most.
She’s there, smiling with a twinge of hopeless despair carved on the side of her lips.
In her eyes, you could see the virgin inside, a sweet, tender, but sad creature.
that he will never get to experience this reward
In his original form.

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