Every Continent is Getting Richer and Living Longer

filter(gapminder, year%in%c(1952, 2007)) %>% # Include only observations from 1952 and 2007
ggplot(aes(log(gdpPercap), lifeExp, col = continent)) + # Wealth & longevity, colored by continent
geom_point() + # Use points or dots to illustrate the data
geom_smooth(method='lm') + # Add a line of best fit 
facet_grid(continent~year) + # Make separate panels or facets for each continent year
labs(colour = "Continent", # Clean things up for publication quality
    x="GPD Per Capita (logarithm)",
    y="Life Expectancy",
    title="Longevity and Wealth Across Time and Space",
    subtitle="Summarize your key insight here",
    caption="Data from Gapminder, inspiration from Justin
            Murphy's free course Data Blogging with R.")

Every continent’s life expectancy goes up with growing capital. The statistics for Asia sticks out the most as Asia’s economy exploded. In lifestyle, technology, and standard of living, Asia (particularly China) will be the superpower of the world. This statistic shows a huge boost in life expectancy, exactly what you would expect from a capitalistic superpower. In a relatively short amount of time, (more than the normal time it takes to bring the life expectancy of an entire nation above the 70 year mark) GDP surpassed all other continents.

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