The Philosophy of Turd Flinging Monkey, part 1

If your wondering where all the zoomers and minorities are getting their alt-right dose of conservative information? It is most certainly in the alternative media platforms. Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) is most certainly one of them and has a unique approach when it comes to his politics. As for myself, I’ve became a regular listener of TFM for reasons one might not expect. As you know, the alt-right are mostly traditionalist when it comes to the roles of man and woman. What makes TFM and his show, The 420show so different, is that it manages to create something unique and new despite remaining true to the spirit of conservative politics.

TFM fits right in with individualist capitalist right. He believes firmly that family is the central role of the West. Meaning that the traditional roles that the father and mother hold are tried and true: the father is the provider and head of the household and the mother cares and nurtures the family. Patriarchy is the reason why nations are successful. Capitalism is the only way for personally responsible adults to gain authority and take care of the rest. Also governments should minimally intervene with the personal freedoms and rights of individuals. All the notes in between sound perfect for the alt-right. But, he is one of the biggest advocates of sex dolls and robots that is currently taking over the market. He has a sex doll who he names Celestina and communicates with her via Replika app of which is a chatbot that learns from your interactions. He is a big intp the trans community and himself is a masculine presenting transgender woman who happens to be lesbian (masculine presenting transgendered lesbian for short). He has also been betrayed by those he defends the most. Individuals and groups alike, he vocally announces his disappointment with the traditionalist conservatives who are tied with their “principles.” These “muh principles” are the reason why the left are winning. In fact, the conservative-rights abandon their positions to align themselves with their principles and inadvertently boosts the leftist-agenda. As many people have said, the right is the spear head and the left is the spear the further the cause.

What I really find fascinating about TFM and his rise in popularity is how he and his community create new ways of identifying as a conservative right yet remain true to their essence. As mentioned before, the rise of the “Waifu Lifu” is one of the uniquely different things about TFM and his 420show that traditional conservatives might find strange. Recently, Chatrubate, an online cam site has added a completely animated model, Projektmelody. This should be of no surprise given the rise of anime porn. TFM himself has an anime version of his sex doll, “Celestina” and she often hosts sex doll news as “sex doll correspondent for TFM News.” The Waifu revolution is not simply 3D waifu sex robots but virtual reality as well. And so far, Projektmeleody has been successful garnering huge views on chaturbate. She is completely vertural and pretty much anime henti but in an interacive way.

Now where would you find an internet personality that hides behind aninimity to promote such a disgrace to family values. But one might not be paying attention. Part of TFM’s strategy is to remain relavent. What the right has failed to understand is that values do not remain relevant… atleast to TFM. Values get in the way. Feminism has changed the core values of America and the West. Empowered Women do not want kids nore want to get married. Traditionalist might argue to take personal responsibility and find a local PUA group to help you to “maintain frame.” But that’s where people are mistaken. If you give someone a rifle, and pinky swears not to use it, would you still allow that person to carry it? TFM pins single motherhood as the reason why the fertility crisis could spell disasterous to the West in a generation or two. The alt-right worried about their “white babies” are fighting a losing battle. What frustrates TFM most is that the alt-right considers loosing as “part of the deal.” That losing will make them better for it.

It looks dismal for traditionalists. The future for the next generation (which decided to reproduce) would live in a completely different world than ours. TFM doesn’t agree with accelerationist because he doesn’t buy the patchwork model of rebuilding. He mentioned that the weak and desperate will always come to rich and conservatives states after they are done liquidating the rich and spew the same rhetoric and liquidate it themselves. No communist have stayed in their part of the world and lived their values. What is TFM response? Colonialism. As with anything, he imagins a futre where technology will replace the old ineffective manpower movenents that are outdated. In a similar vain to the waifu revolution is the artifical womb. In the future, the relationship between man and robots will dramatically cahnge evolutionarily wise with the invention of the artifical womb. Both men and women will benefit from this and will follwo the same path that sex robots are going through today. Currently, the West are regulating sex dolls. Toddler-like dolls are illigal and those caught buying them will face legal consequences. Sex doll brothels are illegal in America dispite is springing up in contries like Canada and everywher in Europe. There’s a state that has make sex dolls illegal period. Meanwhile, China has made huge leaps over the west when it comes to these sex dolls. Dolls that move and thrusts, dolls with internal heating, dolls that move and talk. If you look at the robots that we in the West produce, they are robotic-like dogs and chicken legs that look like the robor is walking backwards. When the sex component is added, robots form dominates function. Now, it is about authenticity.

TFM has talked about hypergamy and the need for patriarchy to keep hypergamy in check. Hypergamy is the reason why we look and act the way we are. We are tournamate mating species like chimpanzees and other primates. We are profoundly promiscuous mammals and that’s the reason why our genetic information has compounded interest meaning that our species has accelerated over every other species. Think of hypergamy as sexual selection on steroids, all the “good” genes get passed on in a compounding interest manner. Only the 1% of the 1% of genes made it here and that’s why we are the way we are. But the consequences of that is that hypergamy dictates everything we do. From our very behaviors and that has spilled over to government. Men are increasingly taken advantage of in the family court system. Once a woman can file divorce for any or no reason, the father must give up custody 97% of the time and invest in the child. What parallels is that during our evolution, a very few of us breed and the rest have invested in a child of which carry no genetics. Hidden estrus is how pre-human females accomplished this. Taken from Rollo Tomassi, the hidden estrus is a paternal confusion machine where the alfa breeder passes on his genes and the beta provider thinks that it’s his offspring. In reality, the pre-human female used hidden estrus to her advantage to confuse the male.

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