The Despotic Entrepreneur: Vitale broker

How would a person go through the world with his insides exposed. He is that kind of person that would be considered paranoid. It would be better to understand it in terms of Schizophrenia. In the clinical sense, the schizophrenic would be someone that, for example, look out for electrical power lines and feel like they are draining his energy. It could be a spy instrument. The schizophrenic would believe that his is being watched and monitored for his very soul. Yet, we don’t consider the structure set in place that syphons in out vitale as a belief. What does it mean to believe in something the same way a schizophrenic is truly convinced he is being persecuted. How do we feel like our vitale is being drained.

The offer

When we make a transaction to trade value, two transaction happens. 
One in the economic-network realm, the other in the social realm. The currency: human vitale!
What makes a traditional offer different than a social offer?

Alain Beaulieu described a despotic entrepreneur in his book Gilles Deleuze’s Politics. In chapter 14, From Marxism to the Missing People, the job of the despotic entrepreneur is to convert present space into absence. But in a way that contains negative momentum. When a person steps into absent space, the person is the sacrificial object to that space and falls in. He must give voluntarily to such a space and involuntarily at the same time. How? And why would the despotic entrepreneur do that? It is for debt to get encoded, but go unnoticed. We can see that from the limit, things tend to be difficult to decipher. The limit is where centrifugal forces tend to push space, time, and codes so that they remain there motionless, yet, with a momentum entirely not up to them. Thus, objects remain featureless, still, and occasioning. And there, the despotic entrepreneur can offer (sell), causing an oscillation back to the centrifugal center. Selling is a human activity as long is it’s unconceiled. But concealing yourself in space is what makes this so terrifying. Your a ghost and can haunt you.

Draining Sanity

It is at the limit that it is clear that underhanded compliments (that are not intended to offend or harm others) are the key to making an offer. Money, the currency used to trade value for service or product, keeps spaces comparable. Thus, codes can transfer easily. This presents a problem to the social salesmen who’s currency is vitale (life-force). The meraculating-machine works in an affirmative (genealogical manner). We can see how one might apply Lacan signifying chain. The double bind that the receiver suffers is when he is suspended in “thoughtful retaliation.” We can see that in public encounters (Public Freakouts) the freakout is an apporpraite word to describe someone drained of their sanity. There’s an a-symetric reasoning that goes like this:

What use would it serve me to hold my breath, bite my teeth, and wear a mask if the same outrage would serve no difference if I were to let it out!


What makes it worse, it is the social salesmen that operate in this “psychic operation” that pulls the strings. The freakout was sought after but not in the way to get revenge. But precisely because one cannot attain revenge. The Desirous-revenge must be transcribed into the vitale. Vitale (life-force) is just Desirous-revenge displaced at a different location of the space. But Why? Because it could be affirmed at retail value.

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