Trying to “fix” shyness?

Shyness has lost its appeal and it’s understandable. The world is fast-paced and it’s progressively accelerating. Some common questions come up like, where should it fit into the picture of utility? How does shyness help build the world we live in? Shyness is often compared to being coy or innocent. In fact, it is a precursor to introversion. Therefor, It is understandable why people flock towards personality studies. Personality studies organize individuals into precise categories. Also, one can cope with identity issues because labeling provides a fast and easy solution.

When circumstances requires one to change mannerisms, which one becomes easier to “fix,” Shyness or introversion? Yes, there are many positives to study personality. But we begin to lose quality when shyness simply becomes a buzzword. It can be a philosophy. There’s no need to investigate nor experiment. There’s no need to fix, nor change anything about someone. Being shy simply points someone into the right direction. It means “pay attention.” So pay attention to the events, things, or people you feel shy from. There’s something that can change your life.

Susan Cain’s “Quiet” talks about the move towards personality ahead of character. When an individual is beginning to form an identity, they look for society’s hand to guide them. Personality divides the spectrum into the introvert-extrovert duality which is purely utilitarian. Same thing happened with shyness because it is lumped with introversion.

Shy people often think they are introverts. Shyness build up tension if it isn't addressed in a healthy manner.
Shyness can be addressed in a healthy manner

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