How to Betray your Audience

Betraying your audience doesn’t mean switching sides. It doesn’t mean going from the left to the right, to the right to the left. No. In fact your audience demands respect. Respect comes after challenging their assumptions. This requires a lot of trust and courage. Trust happens after complete disclosure with the words you utter. Because you are the expert, trust must be the bond that will challenge people’s assumptions and maintain full confedence with you. Expert speech is the worst way to betray your audience. Expert speech discloses the matter of the issues despite remaining concealed for their protection. Just because you switch political sides, or agree with the other side, doesn’t mean you’re betraying them. Let language betray. Humans can not unless they deliberately want to.

Space betrays

Space disappears between two people the closer they get. The transferring of costs and debts must happen responsibly between space. In society, we obligate each other by nominal contracts, because we live in a society that interconnect. We disembody as we speak with words and speech. Once we leave the voice box, it is like an arrow that has left it’s bow. It seems people would like to retract their words once it left their voice box. Or they would like to correct their speech. But the message has been sent even before one has spoken. When others realize that we are simply vibrations that gets forcefully pushed out of lungs of air, they begin to play with the space around us. It is space that makes the rules of the omnidirectional vectors of sound waves. The other person then picks up these airwaves as signals. But the space that was offered so that sound waves could travel has been positioned to us. We could be placed under antiposition where the intensity of the message has been diluted or amplyfied depending on the code they territorialized space with.

All conflicts are a betrayal of some sort.

So, if our voice carries ourselves in bits and pieces, where does this trust comes in? If we think about how the space traveled between the ears of two subjects, space connects us virtually. Technology closes the gaps between distances. We place trust in each other because we know we don’t know everything there is to know to survive. The betrayer is the one who holds space hostage. Through language, the betrayer can cause us to “fall into space” that was concealed. What I’m describing is NOT some psychological ensnarement but rather, a failure to disclose competence. Confidence is the ability to be honest about it.

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