Why Public Freakouts occur in service jobs

Insults occur everywhere but non has the distasteful tone of a freakout than in service level jobs. An insult happens when the victim is placed in a double bind. There is a curious fascism that is counter produced after instructing the victim to be grateful. For what. Grateful for having his feelings hurt because it placing the victim at a better position than before. The victim becomes hyper aware of getting insulted. He notices that it is not by force, but by his own choice. An insult is an offer. And The victim is offered deterritorialized space in order to purge his paranoiac investments (that is outburst outrage or freak-outs that is commonly observed after the victim experiences a momentary lapse of the will). He may have lost composure of himself or his emotions got the better of him after solidifying his reality that he has accepted the gift by his own will. The victim is split into two subjects. But this is because space is split into two surfaces… one of which is the productive surface and the other is the developed surface. At the productive surface, he is given this gift that must forcefully return. But at another surface, the victim is not a victim but is given empowerment to walk away. The double-bind then, is to have the victim suspended in voluntary and involuntary indecisiveness of the will. At the same time. How? Appropriation.

It is the value of emotional labor can be set arbitrarily to match with the value of service. At one end emotional labor encodes into the finished product and the other end a customer demands the product in developed codes. The difference is measured up displaced by money.

Money is used to maintain productive codes to produce social repression that is the culprit of psychic repression. Anything that doesn't produces social realities gets a treatment paid for by money.

We live in developed nations where intermediary processes are outsourced to developing nations. The products are produced in developing nations where comparative spaces creates a frictionless and smooth flow of productive codes. Capitalism continuously deterritorializes codes and reterritorializes them making it difficult to place someone in a double bind. A forceful attempt can make someone seem as an instigator or a perpetrator of a conflict.

The retail value pays for the costs of productive codes to remain in place. The customer demands the same frictionless transaction in their social transactions. The employee is placed in territorialized surfaces to be intermediary of the flows of production and the flows of consumption. Therefore the employee is paid for his service in emotional labor.

How does the gift return? Why even accept the gift if it will only return to the detriment of the recipient? It will only hurt the victim if the intensity returns overcoded. This is why insults do occur to get revenge on the other person, they happen because space itself places someone antipositional to it. People want to live in non-comparative spaces that developed economies demand intensities to be resolved in the social realm. And in order for the subject to exists in society, they must pay its debts in developed codes. Productive codes extinguishes itself into its own surface, that’s why nomadic cultures moved to another location after the codes transferred into developed codes. Which means that nomads never reached “developed” because they purged their paranoiac instincts from within the psychic realm.

Service economies dominate developed nations. The customer at their end demand developed codes to be injected into the final product while the product's value comes from productive codes. If the difference falls short, the customer must ensnare a service worker in a double-bind where the worker returns to comparative spaces, thus developed codes can appropriate productive codes and thus, the difference is paid for by affirming the negative affects of the worker experiences.

For developed countries to keep up with social reality, they must produce service economies that develop codes by placing social repression primary and psychic repression secondary. And this maintains the current structure of developed economies. The production of psychic reality is elevated to the realm of transcendence and thus removing it from the immanent sphere of production. This doesn’t mean that the “impossible real” stops producing. On the contrary, it is contentedly producing new realities, but developed codes must appropriate itself in productive codes in order for capitalism to miraculate

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