The Species of Excess

The discharged ex-NAVY SEAL and a gambling addict Dan Bilzerian became the role model to every young boy with a social media account. Dan claims that he made his fortune by two lucky poker bets but his critics point out to the inherited wealth given to him by his parents. The main talking points for Dan are no different than any celebrity millionaire who spends his time and money consuming luxury and indulging in excess. Dan represents a different generational shift towards being a “responsible” consumer and “living your best authentic life.” The difference is that he lives in a 56 million dollar mansion with his yachts, an open gym visible on his roof along with infinity pools, fountains, ATVs, guns, weed, money, and tons of women. In the LondonReal interview with Brian Rose, Dan explains how being the 1% of the 1% of men who sleeps with the most beautiful models is not at all that great. Brian asks Dan how he keeps all those women happy. ‘That is actually the most difficult piece of this,” says Dan says nonchalantly. “You got to sleep with all these girls and if you don’t, they get upset. There’s definitely a big sexual obligation to that.”

It would probably be an Incel who would mock at the sheer absurdity of Dan’s lifestyle… Oh! What a burden it is to have all these beautiful models wanting sex from you all the time. How hard you’re life must be to *** constantly. Oh, the burden! Dan states somewhere that he has sex at least twice a day. That’s 14 times a week, 56 times a month, 672 a year. At least!

Success gurus and PUA grifters would say that Dan’s strategy for attracting women is simply set up. Dan doesn’t use “game,” that is, he doesn’t exert his character in any way to attract women. He doesn’t bother to inconvenience himself for the sake of getting laid. Instead, he tells his followers to simply be the only choice that women have left. In the PUA culture, this is known as “logistical game.” Of course, one cannot overlook his $56 million dollar mansion that brings in celebrities, athletes, and influencers from all over the world.

When we think of expenditure we must think about expenditure without reserve (Bataille, The Accursed Share, 21). The element that gives human life comes the energy of the sun that produces excess heat. Sexual reproduction consists of taking that energy from the sun, converting it in bodily fluids in the form of bile, and extracting it with a mixture of little swimmers injected from the male testis. The average count of sperm coming out of the seminiferous tubules is about 500 million per ejaculation.

The Second Culling of the Species

What is being said more and more is that boys are falling off the exponential curve of available females. Many in the Manosphere worry that competition is becoming monopolized by the 1% of alpha males. More men under 30 are resorting to a scarcity strategy for attracting females. We may very well be entering into a second culling of the species. Hypergamy is essentially sexual selection on steroids. It’s the primary contributor to the relatively quick success that the species had compared to our primate cousins.

Sigmund Freud in his Civilisation and its Discontents postulated that it was “raising himself off the ground.. of an upright gait” that contributed to the loss of the sense of smell (Freud, 54). Because the nose was elevated higher from the ground, the parasympathetic energy reserved for the olfactory nerves went instead to the eye.

The menstrual process produced an effect on the male… was taken over by visual excitations which, in contrast to the intermittent olfactory stimuli, were able to maintain a permanent effect.

Sigmund Freud

Females went through a phase in their evolution that allowed them to conceal their estrus. The concealed estrus was used as a paternal confusion machine. This meant that more and more pre-human females could strategize their ovulatory cycle to get impregnated by the male they wanted to but still get the provision from a provider male (Fürtbauer et al. 2011). It just made it that much easier to keep the process away from the conscious male. It was self-consciousness of the male triggered by their genetic information vanishing from the evolutionary gene pool (retroactively). His ancestral “ghosts” live within both males and families but it’s the animus male that carries the for-warning from the non-existing male genes that mistook their consciousness as no big deal. The eye that looks ahead symbolize the blessing of foresight but also the burden self-consciousness. The eye is also curse. It symbolizes one doing the watching, but also one being watched as well.

Many speculate that “race” was in fact the consequence of women needing their offspring to look like their tribe. The tribe’s homogeneity kept the offspring of a non-pair-bonding male similar enough so the pair-bonding male couldn’t tell the difference. But at the same time, the species also need to carry enough genetic diversity in the genetic stock for evolution to keep the human the apex predator. An intriguing theory could be made that sexual arousal for women is not whether to cheat or not. But it’s a kind of scrutiny that women possess; should she give up the pressures to keep up with the homogeneity of the tribe or to indulge in the genetic variation of the species. Their pair-bonding partner can always threaten to withhold provisions and protections if he ever doubts his child is not his. Primatologists like Jane Goodall observed that wars between Chimpanzee tribes were the result of scarce fertile females. Even though the non-pair-bonding partner is the seed provider (alpha male), beta males are still an apex predator. A disowned female (and her child) could still be at risk if the pair-bonded male discovered his infant looked a little more like us, and less like him.

Today, we have the hindsight of millions of years of evolution that tells us more than half of all males that existed never passed on their genetic code. This means that the species was made possible by “cuckolded” males but never contributed to the genetic stock. A vast sacrifice of pair-bonding males essentially protected, provisioned, and rationed their resources to offspring of non-pair-bonding males which lead to more promiscuity, (which lead to more sacrifice – which then leads to hyper promiscuity/ hypergamy). The sacrifices of pair-bonded males essentially exist external of the genetic stock as they were left out of the genetic stock. It is no coincidence the “cuck” meme is prevalent in the Second Great Culling of the Species. At a meta-level, we are self-conscious of our self-consciousness.

The typical office job is the memetic equivalent of a primate male being careless of leaving his dwelling for a potential alpha male to come in an make a genetic exchange with someone’s wife. It dawned on me that installing “smart” home security cameras indoors may not be intended for intruders looking to break into someone’s home from the outside. Self-consciousness may probably be the success the species needed to look ahead, and strategies one’s success one genetic passing at a time.

Expenditure as a zero-sum game

As for expenditure without reserve, masturbating seems like an asymmetrical paradox. On one side of the gender spectrum, men waste billions of sperm through their lifetimes through self-pleasure. Whereas women could enjoy orgasm without waste. The central thought revolves around enjoyment and how to maximize it. Many religions found it useful to affirm life without resorting to enjoyment. Enjoyment can not happen without the expense and sacrifice of the other. Which is why sacrifice is needed in order to enjoy life. If the symmetry was perfect, we would have an economic system like the system we today. Everybody contributes a few hours of their day to so that someone else in their after-hours could enjoy life out of theirs. This happens until they trade places and reciprocal exchange could be made. What seems odd to me is that the white-collar worker go to work at the same hour of each day, they go to lunch at around the same hour of every day as well. Much of the “work” is being done to people who are also working. The B2B industry is done to contribute as much empowerment to businesses that could leverage their final product to B2C companies that offer service to people who are in their “after-hours.” The ideal retirement is a pension where all leverages of industry flow to the retirees.

Stimulating the economy

There’s essentially a self-stimulation of two industries that are comparably male and female, B2B and B2C of which produce the infrastructure needed to take care of the next generation. If we build houses, highways, and rockets to Mars at all is because parents who are finished procreating are left to pander meaning and ideology to the next generation that ensures the survival of the species. Which is why expenditure-without-reserve causes so many adult anxieties. Influences like Dan Bilzerian throws an existential light into the anal reality in that we are simply a “glorified anus.” The anus is what grounds us and puts us into the process. The invention of fire wasn’t revolutionary at all. The invention of fire simply allowed us to extrapolate our guts out to the external world. Our limited reserved energy for digesting were freed up to build tall skyscrapers and elevate highways.

The fly-wheel is the business of business. Cooked meat started a fly-wheel the will never stop. Reserved energy needed to digest uncooked meat could now be re-allocated elsewhere like in the brain. More brainpower stimulated multiple fly-wheels. One fly-wheel is a bigger brain which leads to infants getting stuck in the birthing canal, this leads to infants being born prematurely at around 9 months, this leads to more parental investment to care for an extremely delicate child, which leads to higher social intelligence which leads to an even bigger brain. A continuation of the fly-wheel is done digitally carried by our legacy. We are mother nature selecting which ads to watch on Facebook or which males get selected to pass on to our genetic legacy.

The new threats to humanity

The artificial womb will suffer the same treatment as the sex doll industry. The new threat is not sexier women, but artificial ones. As soon as an artificial womb is sold commercially, it will be either banned or regulated. Western countries like the United States lead the ingenuity and innovation of sex dolls into robots. The legislature passed that limited which sex dolls could be sold and the banning of sex doll brothels. Soon, Japanese companies overtook the industry making realistic robots that moved and talk. What seems to happen is that the culling is accelerating. More and more males are going to prefer to marry anime waifus while the top 20% of males are left with even more women than they could ever keep track of. It seems like the states is becoming more and more hostel towards men not because they are evil but because that’s how it’s always been. Evolution is ruthless and doesn’t care about creates more absurdities. This is how the species thrive.

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