Sexual manners

Having awkward social skills can stifle your growth like the two lines attached by the smallest angle. As they grow, the two points at the other end separate more and more. From what I gathered, what ties men and women together (as in a marriage or friendship) is sex. The the evolutionary psychology literature, sex is a natural and desirable thing that it reinforces social bonds between pair. So, putting 2 and 2 together, we have on one side of the argument, sex as a natural binding agent. And on the other, the guiding force that points the way for life to continue. I’d point to the studies that show how Individuals that have recreational sex the most are much more cohesive. This is true with the animal kingdom as well. Chemically, the oxytocin produced at the very end of the hormonal cascade ensures that pair-bonding. So, as social primates, sex is crucial in that it connects two people together.

In a perfect world, competition and jealousy wouldn’t be an issue. This is why a dominance hierarchy is built to mitigate that risk and organize who has access to sex. The anomaly comes at the dialectical call for more sex after a trust was breached (infidelity). This means that adversity carries within itself its own solution because the destructive forces that weakens social cohesion calls for the forces to strengthens it. Sex. This is a dialectical nightmare which says that the less trust there is, the more sex is needed to reintroduce that trust back into the relationship. It goes on and on until something knocks it off balance.

The 2nd argument says that sex determines our free will in a way that it will guide us like a shepherd herding its sheep. The way sex has it’s hooks on us it that we desire it. But this desire is a displaced represented. Society has conspired the most against sex. The greatest epiphanies happen at the intersections between contradiction. These anomalies contain the problem and solution all at once. So when we say that we are shy to individual we are sexually attracted to, what do we do. Do we let it call upon us. Do we let the event teach us? Do we ground ourselves under that dirt that we are all apart of?

What do we hear when it comes to sexual strategy. For men, it is that we must not place such a heavy emphasis on it. If one does, the he is preoccupied with it. And thus, that man will never get sex. From how we encounter sex after it has been displaced by society is that we must repress it. In a liberated nation, this is a big problem. Now, the greatest argument against sex is mannerisms. The less preoccupied we are with it, the more it comes to us, naturally. This means lie is turned into manners. Those who turn life into manners will be culled out of the genetic pool.

Remember that our first case is that sex is what connects men and women together to procreate. This force is the will-to-life as Schopenhauer would put it. What an intreging light this event would be if we were to place an emphasis on shyness. Shyness leans against life… what’s real… what everyone wants… what keeps us together. What does this mean then when the shy individual wants it, but is impelled to not participate in it? How sanctified sex is under the shy individual? So much so that he or she will stray away from it? Instead, we have entrusted sex under the cold hands of the empirical researcher. We can only go in two directions which is nature or nurture. Shyness is a lesser cousin of introversion. Fully diagnosable and treatable, introversion has enchanted society as a whole. Introversion is the last of the astrological/ spiritual studies of man.

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