From confidence to hubris

The libedo injects into the general economy using drives that depends on matching principle. The matching principle works by connecting product with value. This matching principle tends towards an equilibrium whereby currency losses it’s ambiguous status. The connections distributes (externalizes) the molecular forces to the molar aggregate of the socius. Subjects are now matched as quantities with worthiness (to live). The molecular forces that started out as surplus (from the attractive and repulsive forces in the paranoiac machine) leaps out from the homogenous general economy into heterogeneous, more emotional society,

A code permits flows of inscripted commodities on one side with value on the other side of a transaction. What Freudo-marxism gave to the economy were the internal drives that forces individuals to compete with one another. This places our drive as secondary to a primary principle of “competitive drives.” Capitalism is primary to the drives according to the libidal investments made into the economy. The goal of the sovereign individual is to progress the capital incentive worldwide to territorialize the libedo as a work-around to society’s sacrifices and demands. The sexual progressive movement that is pushed into society today is that the libedo sublimates into the utility of the general economy, the same general economy that threatens the free or liberated individual.

Sex as natural connector

It is said that having sex increases social bonds and trust with that person. Sex is not only a reproduction tool, but as a pair-bonding activity to ensure social bonds are established before offspring is reared through that society. From a strategic perspective, sex is totally natural and in order to fulfill its goal, it must reduce all obstacle that blocks copulation. The striving towards sex is entirely done to overcome the challenges of mating. It is the underlying natural drive in all humans. The filliative lines rely on the vessels that carry these genes out from the gonads into society. But these families must extend their germinal flow to the alliances that conquers the Earth. For a man, it is the libedo that works in all direction aimlessly looking to copulate. The purposeless direction is given an aim by the society’s restraint on his libedo. The reward come next which is sex. The construct is a structural maintenance of libidinal investment. To Freud, this sublimation repurposes the libedo into plutonic relations. This would make sense because the survival of genetic legacy must carry the genes over to the next generation who would rely on a world full of social connections and bods. At the same time, the strong urge to copulate is blocked by societies that provide outlets with codes that permit flows of women to some men and restrict it as well. The contribution to the homogenous economy should reward the human with sex not because the libidinal flow channels through a gatekeeper, but because “it’s natural.” The human legacy must continue. What does it mean for those who struggle to find mates? Is their time up? Are they meant to go instinct?

From what I gathered living in the 21st century, the homogenous surface can not get rid of sex. Sex is part of the old, boring, and predictable productive codes that make up day-to-day living.

Why men struggle with sex and finding suitable partners

When we observe how people mate, it is very predictable. An individual finds a potential mate through their social circle, in work, during lesure, through friends and family. All the ordinary encounters might find him or herself a partner. To increase one’s chances one must increase in social status or sexual market value. This can happen in either 1 of 2 ways. Increases in social class, or refining one’s character i.e. game, personality, and extroversion. We could go the 3rd way and do both at the same time. It goes to show that confidence is required. One can increase in social standing from within the homogeneous economy. This is what we might refer to as circumstantial confidence. Confidence is a predictable especially since we’ve established that sex is and should be natural to everybody. (One must be skilled in their profession, one must be useful, one must look good etc.

Confidence vs. Hubris

But to increase your character for for sexual marketplace requires something more than confidence. Confidence is almost re-introduced from the back end of the general economy. Overconfidence is what we’re looking for. But overconfidence is just confidence because that’s what it means to be confident. What people mean when they say “overconfidence” is hubris.

Hubris is uncircumstantial confidence. It is when confidence has no place that one begins to be hubris. When women are attracted to the confidence of a man, it was circumstance that placed that women to his space. It is when not belonging to any alliance group that hubris shows up in men. No amount of confidence will brighten a strange, dark world. It might be said that women are the gender that have a natural hubris to them but this is pure speculation.

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